Dude, Are You Serious?

The coach said he called this because he loves those fainting goats videos on YouTube… wow. Can I be a coach?

(Source: dailymotion.com)

RSVP for My Stand-up Set at Metropolitan Room, FRI 9/19 @ 9:30pm

funny lit matches

funny lit matches

Hey all, I’ve been booked for the New Talent Show at Metropolitan Room on Friday, September 19th at 9:30pm. I need to bring at least 10 people. You + starting baseball lineup = PERFECT.

To RSVP, call 212.206.0440 and say:

1. Date / Time – Friday, September 19th @ 9:30pm ET
2. Your Name / # of People in Your Party
3. My Name

Address is:
34 WEST 22ND ST., NEW YORK, NY 10010

Doors open at 09:00 PM

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